Jinsi ya kufungua account na Equity Bank [How To Open an Account with Equity Bank]

Jinsi ya kufungua account an Equity Bank [How To Open an Account with Equity Bank] - Find ifo How to Open a Personal Account and Ordinary/Business Account on Equity bank in Tanzania. requirements and mahitaji ya kufungua Account/ akaunti Ya bank equity.

Jinsi ya kufungua account na Equity Bank [How To Open an Account with Equity Bank]

Equity Bank Limited – Tanzania, is a commercial bank in Tanzania. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Tanzania, the country’s banking regulator.

Equity Bank Limited – Tanzania opened its doors for the first time on 9th February 2012 with two branches; Quality Centre Dar es Salaam and Arusha. The Bank now has a total of 8 branches 6 in Dar es Salaam one in Arusha and one in Mwanza. As of the end of June 2014, the bank had mobilized over 85,675 customer accounts.

Jinsi ya kufungua account Equity Bank [How To Open Account Equity Bank]

Equity Bank Limited Tanzania is a member of the Equity Bank Group, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, which maintains financial services subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Sudan.

Personal Current Account

This is a convenient and flexible medium for a range of transactions. With this account, you are free to make deposits, receive money, make payments, make withdrawals and set up standing orders.

5 Great Features of the Current Account.

  1. There are no ledger fees, maintenance fees, monthly charges, or minimum operating balance
  2. You get a checkbook upon request
  3. You are entitled to free monthly statements and internal standing orders
  4. This account can be operated in TSH, KES, USD, EURO, or GBP
  5. You automatically get a Master Card or Visa Card on the application

5 Reasons Why You Should Open a Current Account.

  1. This account does not charge any ledger fees or monthly charges.
  2. You will not be charged for any cash deposits or cheque handling.
  3. No limit has been placed on the frequency and amount of withdrawals.
  4. You require no minimum operating balance for your account to run.
  5. Overdraft facilities are made available to you if you’re a holder of a Current Account.

To Open Account Visit EQUITY BANK PAGE 

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