NMB Bank mkononi: Jinsi Ya Kujisajili NMB mkononi

NMB Bank mkononi: Jinsi Ya Kujisajili NMB mkononi: NMB MKONONI is a new brand of NMB MOBILE and CLiK

The name of NMB Mobile was not resonating with customers and therefore it was renamed NMB Mkononi to make it more relevant in the market and communicates that all banking services can be accessed in the palm of your hand.

NMB Bank mkononi: Jinsi Ya Kujisajili NMB mkononi

NMB customers with NMB ATM cards can register at NMB Mkononi.

If I was registered with NMB MOBILE, do I have to re-register with NMB MKONONI?
No. You do not need to re-register.

a customer must register at any NMB ATM with their ATM card.

customer access menu for NMB MKONONI
Customer must dial * 150 * 66 #


  • Shows balances and account details in real time.
  • Possibility to send money to other banks, NMB and MNO accounts instantly.
  • Complete online fund transfers and external transfers.
  • Withdraw my cash anytime anywhere.
  • Pay different bills.
  • Get information and currency transfers.
  • Send or receive secure messages by checking.
  • Offers the ability to withdraw money without an ATM card

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